Streamlining Lead Management, Lead Tracking and Lead Nurturing so you can easily manage more leads.
Consistent lead tracking, efficient distribution across sales forces and dedicated communication and follow-ups are all components of productive lead management. Good lead management facilitates pipeline movement and lead conversion.
Create Leads
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Create comprehensive records for each lead with all associated information.
Assign Leads
Assign each lead to a sales person or team who will be responsible for maintaining regular contact, providing information and converting the lead.
Manage Leads / Make Notes / Map Contacts to Role
Manage leads by maintaining a list all contacts within a lead organization, their designation in the organization, the role they play in the sales process and detailed notes of all communication with them.

It's easy to see how leads can get lost on the long trek between lead generation and closing. Things get complicated when hundreds of leads - some hot, some cold, some lukewarm - require lead tracking all at the same time. This is when disconnects can occur in the lead management pipeline causing lost sales opportunities.
Lead Management Software provides the kind of lead tracking oversight that keeps prospects in view as they proceed through the lead management / sales cycle. With our lead management  software  you can easily manage hundreds, even thousands of leads.
It provides all the rich functionality marketers need to automate and measure demand generation campaigns that generate more high-quality sales leads. And it gives marketers the freedom to execute campaigns with less manual effort, allowing more time to focus on the strategic and creative activities that improve marketing ROI.
Unlike any other solution, it has an insanely easy to use interface and an on-demand model that gets customers up and running in just one day, with no charges for set-up, integration or training. It is totally free software.
Lead Generation
Make sales happy with more qualified leads
Convert traffic into leads
Automate lead development
Identify when prospects are sales ready
Automate sales tasks and track follow-up
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