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OFT24 makes staff management very easy by providing essential features to manage team members attendance, leaves, online viewing, average time devoted for office, half days using very user friendly interface and keeping is very interesting to use.
OFT24ís Online Courier Management Module
OFT24ís Attendance Module
Online system that allows customers track their domestic courier and international freighting via website.
Never again finding courier slips in a bunch of papers, it is now just a click away with their delivery information right in front of your screen.
OFT24ís Online Client Database Management Module
Do you face too much trouble to find updated contact information of your clients, if yes, OFT24 is the solution for that.
Now you never require calling your office when you are on the go or working out of office hours, you just need few clients to find any client information.
Free online Staff Notepad Module
Make & keep notes online ó no more piles of endless pieces of paper
Keep your thoughts, instructions, memos, to do lists, recipes, or plan a party ó any kind of short text notes.
Access them from any computer with Internet connection
Free online Leads Management Module
Consistent lead tracking, efficient distribution across sales forces and dedicated communication and follow-ups are all components of productive lead management. Good lead management facilitates pipeline movement and lead conversion.
Lead Management Software provides the kind of lead tracking oversight that keeps prospects in view as they proceed through the lead management / sales cycle. With our lead management  software  you can easily manage hundreds, even thousands of leads.
It's easy to see how leads can get lost on the long trek between lead generation and closing. Things get complicated when hundreds of leads - some hot, some cold, some lukewarm - require lead tracking all at the same time. This is when disconnects can occur in the lead management pipeline causing lost sales opportunities.
Free online Timesheet Management Module
Oft24 has made it simple to keep track of the time that each employee spends on each project, customer or task. Timesheets are nothing without entries, we have made every effort to create the most straightforward time entry interface possible. It is so simple, it will only take your staff a few minutes each week to create timesheets that accurately record how they spent their time
Free online To Do Work Module
OFT24 offers one more most useful feature of Managing TO Do List. OFT24 leading online To Do manager thatís useful, fast and easy to use. We manage millions of to-dos and we are ready to manage yours as well!
Free online Work Management Module
It is your personal assistant, which helps you manage your tasks each day. It is a simple to use program which is designed to allow you to keep track of your activities in the most valuable manner.
You can assign your work to your subordinates, or other team members, you can see the progress as it is worked upon and get a report when it is done.
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